Enable AXFR

I need enable AXFR to add a secondary DNS to my websites.
I understood that if want to use Cloudflare as a secondary DNS I have to pay. But i need leave Cloudflare as a primary dns.
I need AXFR to automatically update secondary DNS.

Thank you.

I don’t believe this is possible–at least, not without an enterprise plan.

Furthermore, it may not make much sense. If Cloudflare is entirely down–both DNS and HTTP proxying–then mirroring the DNS isn’t going to help you, as clients will still be unable to connect.

Is there a particular reason you need a secondary DNS service? If all you need is a secondary DNS server, Cloudflare provides multiple. There are two in particular that you should use; they’ll be listed in your account.


Agreed, but, @samybalasa if you still want this, and you think it makes sense, AXFR is not the only way you can automatically do it. You could just query the list of hosts by API: https://api.cloudflare.com/#dns-records-for-a-zone-list-dns-records and then build your own. Of course, it will require you to run an NS lookup for every record which is “on cloud”, if you wish to keep sending the traffic through Cloudflare (even though that if both their DNSs are down, chances are that so are their proxies, as mentioned above by @Zenexer_).

Granted, much more complicated - but possible.

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Cloudflare doesn’t offer a service to be authoritative and transfer Cloudflare zones to another DNS server. You can set up Cloudflare as a secondary and transfer records to us. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001356152-How-do-I-setup-and-manage-Secondary-DNS- You could then make Cloudflare ‘primary’ by having a hidden master and listing Cloudflare as your public nameserver records.

Note in this configuration you can not currently use any other features of Cloudflare for this zone which would require the traffic to be proxied (can’t orange cloud any records).

If you are already an Enterprise customer you can contact your account team regarding pricing for the feature, otherwise you should contact Cloudflare sales team to discuss your needs.

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Yes, you could do this. I suppose the how or why you would want to depends on what it is you are trying to achieve.

I was trying to use slave on dns.he.net:

  • free
  • automatic update
    I am not such a big professional, but I got some problems using Cloudflare with my internet provider. Having backup it would save some hours of downtime for a specific services.

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