Enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites for my website but still the error of mixed content showing

enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites for my website but still the error of mixed content error showing when i am validating my website

please help…

Did your site work on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes it was

I currently cannot reproduce any mixed content issue on your site. Maybe try clearing your browser cache.

Actually i am checking on seositecheckup website

You can see there is one error mixed content error.

I really appreciate if you can validate my account of Evermolpro dot com website

Can you post a screenshot or link?

As mentioned, there does not seem to be a mixed content issue right now and if a service believes so, that might be an issue with that service.

Worked here as well → Test Results: evermolpro.com - Why No Padlock?

Please check

You might want to contact them for clarification or click the details link. As I mentioned there’s no mixed content on your site and the previous link I posted underlines that as well.

Can you please check

I am afraid we are going in circles here. I already wrote several times there’s no mixed content and even posted a link with more details. What’s not clear on that?

If you can reproduce the issue in your browser you might want to check out the browser console to find out what’s not on HTTPS. Unfortunately that’s a bit beyond the scope of the forum here as that is rather site design. Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors also has more on that.

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