Enable Auto Minify

Please is it advisable to to enable Auto Minify (check the three column - JavaScript, CSS, HTML) for my WordPress site? Please see screenshot for your reference. Thanks.

Yes it is advisable. I tick all of the three boxes on all my ZONEs and never had issues so far.

If you want to know what exactly this does just click the “Help” button under the settings

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Minify is a good feature to have enabled to reduce bundle sizes sent to your clients.

Some sites are not compatible with auto-minify if they use Subresource Integrity (see Subresource Integrity - Web security | MDN (mozilla.org)), so it’s worth checking around your site to see if everything still works after enabling it, but for the majority of sites it will work like a breeze!

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Thanks for your apt response!

Please does it work fine with a WordPress site like me?

Having a quick Google it looks like subresource integrity you have to manually install, so I am fairly sure you should be good :smile:

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