Enable Accelerated Mobile Links / Affiliate Links

I use Enable Accelerated Mobile Links and it works realy fine. I love this Feature BUT…

…whats happend with Affiliate links? If I look at Firebug there is the original Affiliate URL.
On eq my site above the AMP links are displayed, so Cloudflare follow 301, and in the end it will replace the link with a AMP link. So my question:

  • Will CF replace the link or forwarded 301 to the AMP site. In the first case I think all Affiliate links are broken. Will AMP links works with Affilate?
    UPDATE: I see in my case it will use www-domain-com.amp.Cloudflare.com
  • The dialayed AMP site are on witch domain? Can a Affilliate Cookie be set?
  • BTW : the example above is my Desktop version not AMP version. It will be a nice feature to control on wich site AMP links are geerated.

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