Empty token on callback with 'Forces an interactive challenge' test


When testing with the following keys:

SiteKey: 3x00000000000000000000FF
SecretKey: 1x0000000000000000000000000000000AA

In implicit mode, I can see the callback hits the callback, however, the token is empty, see my code below.

The token works fine when using the “Always passes” SiteKey

// Turnstile callback
function onSubmit(token) {
    // Find form which triggered Turnstile
    var uf = document.querySelectorAll("form");
    uf.forEach(function (form) {
        var turnstileResponse = form.querySelector("[name^='cf-turnstile-response']");
        if (turnstileResponse) {
            turnstileResponse.value = token;
        <div data-sitekey="3x00000000000000000000FF" data-callback="onSubmit"></div>

This feels like a bug within Turnstile, unless I’m doing something wrong of course

Yep, we are aware of this. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next days.