Employee is gone, so is our Access


One of our employee who was running a few of our websites quit his job but did not leave us any login info he was running.
And now, even if we want to pay for domain, we cannot access the account.
Now the domain has expired and we’d like to prolong the contract.
In this case, how can we re-gain access to our assets and pay for the service?
Thank you.

oh that causes a real pain. You will probably need to regain access with a registrar, hosting provider, as well as Cloudflare.

I do not know if there is an “easy way” but some suggestions that I’ve seen here.

  • Follow the money, any credit card receipts you can use to trace account id
  • Know what what you’re looking for, you can use whois to find the name of your domain registrar
  • Any design receipts/billis that will indicate who built the site and where it is hosted?
  • Can you access/recreate the employees email address in order to receive password resets?

Other folks may have some other suggestions and I’d love to see them. This same situation comes up far more often than anyone wants and it is always a pain for folks. We are here to help if we can.


Thank you cloonan!
But unfortunately, we cannot do any of things you’ve mentioned.
But I really appreciate your comment and welcome anyone who has experienced a similar situation.

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Honestly, it sounds like you might be in for a challenge; I’m dubious you can do much without any of the information Cloonan told you about.

If the domain expires, you will most likely have to pay a small fortune for it as there are companies dedicated to “sniping” any domain that is old and expires.

The other issues are the hosting and the Cloudflare account (with all its settings on it). Your best bet at this point is to reach out to the employee and hope that you can arrange an amicable resolution with them.

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