Emoji's replaced with versions of "ЁЯ"?

So i’m not even sure that it’s Cloudflare that’s causing this issue but doesn’t hurt to check right.

So i run my page https://frankpettersson.se through Cloudflare and hosted with azure and i have some text i want to show that includes emojis, but what ends up on the finished page is not an emoji, instead this is shown “ЁЯСН”, “ЁЯШО”, “ЁЯСМ” and “ЁЯШМ” instead of “:sunglasses:”, “:ok_hand:”, “:relieved:” and “:+1:”.

It shows up normally on my local web server, so the reason im thinking that its got something to do with Cloudflare is because the issue only appears after going through Cloudflare/azure.

I have also had to turn of rocket loader because of issues with “preloading” iframe content.

Would appriciate any sort of answer :slight_smile:!

Probably an encoding issue, I doubt it is Cloudflare related.

Do you have a page with such a character? Couldnt find anything in this regard.

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I see, could it be that I maybe forgot to include the “UTF-8” think in my .html file??
Though it’s odd that it works locally.

If you mean the following


That would come straight from your server (that page was loaded directly from your server, not via Cloudflare). I would check the encodings of everything (server configuration, document, database, etc.).

Another issue, you have a certificate on your server, but it is not for your domain, hence you cant use “Full strict” on Cloudflare but only “Full” when it comes to SSL. The former would be more secure.

Oh it looks different for you…

I see, so would i fix that through azure or…?

And how would i go about doing the ssl thing??

Haha, thanks for helping me btw!

Yes. That will be an improper encoding issue and the strings get garbled somewhere between where you take them from and the browser. As mentioned earlier, that could be anywhere from the database, the file system, the server encoding, etc.

Your webserver currently presents a certificate for *.azurewebsites.net. You would need to configure one for your instance which was issued for your domain. That could be either a Lets Encrypt certificate or an Origin certificate from Cloudflare or of course any paid certificate as well.

Ok, so the certificate should be for frankpettersson.se and not frankpettersson.azurewebsites.net.
Im not sure but i think that frankpettersson.se is just a custom domain name and the origin server is the azurewebsite.net. But i don’t even know if that’s how it works.

I will probably try to get help from the azure community aswell.
Thank you for your time and help!

In case of an A record (if you specified an IP address) it should be issued for the domain you will be eventually using (your .se domain in this case). If it was a CNAME you could also have the certificate issued for that CNAME. Do you have an A record right now or a CNAME?

I have an A record.

But i don’t get it really, i get my ssl from Cloudflare

Cloudflare only covers the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare. The connection between Cloudflare and the origin is still your responsibility. What Cloudflare offers is Origin certificates which you can have issued in the Crypto section as well, however you still need to configure it on your server.

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