Emoji picker and Rate limiting rules (Cloudflare)

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered that when I browse through Discourse’s emoji picker, my IP address is limited by Cloudflare’s Rate limiting rules feature.

I guess it was because too many emoji images were loaded and it caused Cloudflare to temporarily block my IP address.

So is there a way to turn this off? Or increase the limit so users can choose their emoji without being blocked by the Cloudflare system.

Sorry to see that you are dealing with this.

For an easy way to get around this you could exclude requests containing /images/emoji/apple/

I am unsure of your specific rate limiting rule so it is hard to say for certain what to change. Most likely you would just add an and to it with a does not contain for the path, but it would depend on your rule.

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I’ve checked and there isn’t any limit rule created, I wonder how to exclude the request of /images/emoji/apple/?

@ncormier, can you please help me with this? I still don’t know how to deal with this :frowning:

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