Emergency!!Who can help me!

When I stop and delete my website from cloudfare.
Now I cant even open my site.
It said my website is not safe.
Can somebody help me. Its very emergency=(((

You have to switch your nameservers back to the previous one if you wish to delete your website from Cloudflare.

Thank you a lot!
But how I can do it. Im useing siteground and wordpress

What’s your domain?


It appears that you are no longer on Cloudflare and it’s using Siteground nameservers:


But I can access your website via HTTPS without ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH.

Your ISP DNS might be slow in updating the DNS cache so that your browser might be still pointing to the Cloudflare IP address instead of Siteground.

Try switch to another DNS resolver like or, or try to reboot your router.

I deleted it from my cloudfare.
And now i cant even go into my site.
it says my site is not safe=(

Sorry to bother again. But im very confused now.
When I type in my website,it says i need to log in tov iew the website.
I need to Authenticate.
I already reboot and remove my site from cloudflare=((

This is something you need to clarify with your hosting provider. Cloudflare is totally out of scope now.

Thanks a lot!

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