Emergency sites down

I have three websites that used to point to cloudflare, and they are now down.:




The error I received is this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

There was an issue on cloudfare and I pointed the DNS back to my bluehost account. Currently, if I access my bluehost account, the DNS looks to be set up correctly.

Prior today there were no issues.

But today, I heard one of my websites was down. I contacted bluehost support. Even though in the account it’s set up correctly, the DNS for these three sites is running through Cloudflare.

Because these domains are no longer associated with my [[email protected]]cloudflare account, I can’t access the domains. As you can see, somehow the DNS is running through cloudflare.

Please help!

Because of this your domains were probably dropped from Cloudflare. You’ll have to re-add them and set them up from scratch.

Tried that, it doesn’t work. When I add the domain, as a new site, it can’t find the existing DNS records.

Because you need to set the nameservers back to the original ones, so that Cloudflare can scan them.

I’m not sure I explained this well…I can’t do that. The domains are no longer accessible on my cloudflare account

Yes, because the domains have been removed. You need to set their nameservers back to whatever they had originally and start the setup on Cloudflare again, if you want to use Cloudflare.

again, I’m probably not explaining it well. I don’t want them to point to cloudflare. Cloudflare wasn’t working for these sites, so I pointed the DNS back to the original bluehost domains. That was like 2 months ago.

So I DO NOT want the sites running through cloudflare.

But the site are all down today, and I tried to access via my bluehost account, but they are saying the DNS is still pointing to cloudflare. Which doesn’t make any sense, but happened, per the whois lookup. I pointed them back to Bluehost 2 months ago.

Right now they DO point to Cloudflare.

If you do not want to use Cloudflare, you just need to point them to the desired nameservers and you are good to go.

So this is the circular problem. If you looked at my bluehost domains, in the DNS, the nameservers are correctly pointed at the bluehost servers.

But according to whois, they are pointed to the cloudflare servers.

Now I’m trying to re-add the sites to cloudflare because of THIS issue, and Cloudflare is telling me to point the DNS to cloudflare, when really in the real world that is the issue all along.

You need to change the nameservers at your registrar, not your host.

Sandro, thank you, I was skipping that step and going right to the host…probably because some of my domains are hosted right at bluehost.

So my question remains, I made these updates some time back, and the sites were working fine. How did they revert back to the cloudflare servers in the first place?

Thanks again,

Are you sure you actually had them correctly changed? cprcenters.com, for example, hasnt been touched since December.

My assumption would be you never changed them away from Cloudflare and they simply stopped working once Cloudflare purged them. Anyhow, if you are absolutely sure you had changed them and they did change back, you will need to contact your registrar for details. That outside of the scope of Cloudflare in this case.

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