Emergency error! Site doesn't work!

Hi! Today site doesn’t work correctly. Our hosting provider said that problem is not on their side. Please help!! cadelta. ru

What’s the error? That site loads up fine for me.

Need more context as to whats wrong


Site pages display unstable. Only on proxied domain. Have also test subdomain for dev (not proxied) it works fine.

Your host most likely has ““ddos protection”” that is rate limiting Cloudflare since the connections come from a small set of ip addresses. You need to address this issue with them

Can you show your settings under SSL > Overview?


Does the issue happen if you disable Cloudflare? The error seems to be alternating between different files, I’m almost sure the issue is what I pointed out earlier: your host is rate limiting Cloudflare and thus some files aren’t loading properly.

I alse have test subdomain for dev (not proxied by Coudflare), it works fine. I can’t disable proxing on main domain because then ssl certificate crashes. I’ll ask to my hoster, thank you.

Hoster says there no any limits for requests from Cloudflare. I have never seen such problem… advice?

Take one of the URLs that fail: https://cadelta.ru/templates/cadelta3/css/reset.css?time=1658967748
Refresh the page multiple times in a sort span of time

500 Internal Server Error

If you say that your site works fine without Cloudflare then, the only reasonable conclusion is that your host is blocking Cloudflare unknowingly.

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