Embedded video on my domain

A video on my domain is not playing RMWalton, Inc.. How do I fix it?

The video is playing fine on my end, but it’s hosted on a different domain: cache.bww.com. Could you take a look at the network tab (press F12, click Network) and ensure the request for the video succeeds?

Thank you for the timely response. I did as you recommended (F12 and Network) but what am I looking for exactly in terms of ensuring the request for the video succeeds?

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The video should be the first, and only, request in the media tab:
Could you send a screenshot of what you see?

What if you hit CTRL + SHIFT + R while keeping the network tab open - does anything show up?

What does it say if you hover over the status (where it says (fai...)?


Interesting… the video loads using HTTP (non-secure) for me on Firefox so I didn’t get this error.

Anyway, the issue is with cache.bww.com and has nothing to do with Cloudflare or your website, so I’d suggest you serve the video from your domain - if you have the rights to do that.

I had everything set to HTTPS so maybe that is the issue?

I am using chrome shouldn’t it play on all browsers. Can I set up records to serve the video from my domain and how do I do that?

I meant you could download the video and host it on your website. But only if it’s your video or you’ve gotten permission to use it.

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I do have the rights but I don’t know how to “serve” the video.

You’ll have to upload it to your web server like any other image/video. Maybe you use some kind of CMS?

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