Embed checkout Eventbrite not visible on websites with Cloudflare

Already cracking my head for over 2 weeks to find out why the embed checkout is not displaying on my website. The problem appears to be with Cloudflare and I already tried everything… In my preview mode the embed works, but on the live website we can’t see anything… If i place the same code on a domain without cloudflare the embed works. What could be the problem? It’s not rocketloader, that’s off

If you are still encountering this issue, navigate to the ‘Firewall’ tab and check if there are any rules that may be blocking the Eventbrite checkout from operating correctly. Make sure your IP or country is not being blocked.

I’ve tried everything. Support said there is a HTTP/2 issue that makes the script not load?

Is that eventbrite Support that said that?

I got this from Cloudflare support:

We have investigated the problem you reported. We have determined that the problem is caused by a bug in our HTTP/2 support.

We are working on a fix for the problem. We expect to release the fix soon

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Thank you, can you share the ticket number so that we can track it to ensure it’s resolved?

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