Emals no longer working since moving to Cloudflare

Since moving to Cloudflare our email has stopped working, the host checked our server and all is good, they asked us to contact cloudflare, can you suggest how to resolve this? When looking at DNS setup in Cloudflare there is no notifciaotn about any issues with DNS so its odd, you would expect the tool that auto detects DNS to also check email settings.

What is the domain?
Did you add MX records when you moved DNS to Cloudflare?


If your mailserver and your webserver are on the same host, you may have the :orange: Proxy incorrectly enabled on your email hostnames. The Cloudflare proxy only passes HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Any hostnames that require other protocols must be set as :grey: DNS Only. Please refer to this Tutorial for more detail.


Thanks for your help, email flowing minutes after changing this setting.


I noticed your ticket 2889663 @user2328 and have added a link to this conversation. On that ticket, you mentioned an earlier ticket reporting this issue. Can you please share that ticket number here so that I can follow-up on that one as well?


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