Emails were not sending neither receiving emails

hi, I owned a woocommerce site, and when customer order something there is a email confirmation message sent to him, which is not working now.
there is an error of mismatching of credentials , so how can i resolve this issue?

Cloudflare is not responsible for your email delivery. That’s a question to ask your host for.

Check the credentials of your mail account and change them if needed.

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did Cloudflare provide email services or not?

@sandro can you help me to sort out of this query?

I am afraid, no.

hahahaha i’m not supposed to afraid you dude. just want to know about this

so, can you tell me how can i sort out of this??

As @MarkMeyer said earlier, Cloudflare shouldn’t have anything to do with sending emails from your site.

The only thing I can suggest to check on Cloudflare, however I don’t think this will be the issue given the error you got, is to check that any hostname used for email is set to :grey: and not :orange:.

Other than that, you would have to contact your host or whatever serviced handles your mail for help.

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It is a very known issue that caused by proxy domain over Cloudflare, the solution is very easy, do the following:

  1. A record for the where point to origin server (Flagged with orange cloud)
  2. A record for where point to origin server (unFlagged with orange cloud)
  3. MX record point to with 0 priority

4. CName pop points to (unFlagged with orange cloud)
5. CName imap points to (unFlagged with orange cloud)
6. CName smtp points to (unFlagged with orange cloud)

Try that and check email deliverability, and if there any issue just reply here.

This is correct @mohammadeid :slight_smile:

But the orange cloud would cause a timeout and not


If this is the same with keep logging out and unusual behavior for sessions, then some modification for both Cloudflare (Crypto section) and hosting side to work very well, but need more details about the issue.
What do you think ? (@MarkMeyer)

It isn’t.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP, therefore you’ll get a timeout when connecting to an orange clouded host. ‘mismatching credentials’ comes straight from the host. And ist not even a proper Error message, but that’s a different thing.

If your’re facing an issue as described, open a new thread please.

For me everything going well, these were old issues solved, but I though he talk about mismatching credentials for the wordpress itself, where some issues with sessions may happen after proxy over Cloudflare, but for SMTP authentication it is sure will happen unless he did what I have mentioned above to point all email related records directly to his origin server without Cloudflare proxy, other wise he will keep in issue :smiley:

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