Emails tripping Spam PTR/MX and rDNS issues

Hey guys, I’ve been getting this issue where my email keeps tripping gmail spam, When running my site through LeafDNS I get this failure (everything else has passed):

“None of your MX record IP addresses have corresponding reverse DNS entries (PTR records). If these MX records are used to send outgoing mail this will cause them to trip anti spam filters. Many SMTP servers will not accept mail from an IP with no reverse DNS.”

I have email routing enabled and all records appear to be in place, or at least there are no further issues flagged.

Also since some recent changes emails are not sending at all, though this might be due to propagation of recent changes after reverting back from hosted emails via Hostgator to email routing as I was experiencing endless problems there too.

Though I understand the message, I have no idea how to fix it, if anyone could help that would be appreciated, I’m brand new to this level of domain configuration so apologies if it’s incredibly obvious.

Welcome to the Cloudflare community.

You mentioned that you have email routing enabled, by which I presume you mean that you are using the Cloudflare Email Routing Beta. If that is correct, your MX records would point toward the Cloudflare email forwarding infrastructure and have no connection to your outbound mail server, as Cloudflare does not offer any outbound email relay service. That means you may safely ignore any warnings of missing PTR records for the IPs that your MX hostnames resolve to.

You do need to make sure that your SPF record includes the relevant information to correctly identify the mail servers that you use for outbound mail. Cloudflare has a good section on SPF in their documentation. A useful free tool for analyzing your SPF record is available from dmarcian. It includes a link to helpful SPF resources, and they also have a forum dedicated to answering questions related to sending domain authenticated email.

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