Emails to my domain are being rejected

emails to my domain are being rejected after working for a month

What is the domain? Did you change any records associated with email (e.g. MX records)?

Thanks. Have changed nothing. The domain is

You have no MX records. You will not get any emails without MX records. Those records tell senders where to deliver emails. This Community Tutorial has more information.

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I have the two MX records I set up a month ago. is correct. There are no MX records.

Also, doesn’t use Cloudflare for DNS

$ dig NS		0	IN	NS		0	IN	NS		0	IN	NS		0	IN	NS		0	IN	NS

The Domain status is autoRenewPeriod. In other words, your forgot to renew it. You need to contact your registrar.

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Your published DNS disagrees. Please share an MX query that responds with MX records.

You can enter you domain and click MX on the Dig (DNS lookup) from Google.

Once you do that, the nameservers should be returned to Cloudflare and your MX records will be published again. I recommend keeping a payment method on file with your registrar and using automatic renewal.

Do be sure to act quickly on your renewal as Cloudflare will eventually delete your zone after the nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare. While you can add your domain again if that happens, your zone records will be gone. You may want to export a copy of them now, just to be safe.

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