Emails to G-Suite Being Blocked

Hello, pleasant folk in the realm of Cloudflare and a good Monday morning. Can you please help me figure out why I am not receiving emails on my domain (45 users in total)?

My domain is active, not suspended for abuse, payment or otherwise, and my MX records are pointing to Google, as they should. BTW I am currently with Google support, who are telling me everything with my domain is in order. is the domain.


So sorry!

I am afraid I can only repeat what Google already said.

Your domain does point properly to Google - as far as I can tell		300	IN	MX	1		300	IN	MX	5		300	IN	MX	5		300	IN	MX	10		300	IN	MX	10

So emails should arrive at Google. Maybe double check that your configuration on Google’s end is correct, but apart from that only Google can comment on that issue.

Same thing we are seeing. Thank you for confirming. Wondering if we are running into a block with ProofPoint, their security provider. Trying to check all the boxes.

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