Emails through Cloudflare are going to spam


This is a second post as the image was not clear on the first post.

My emails form my website are going to spam. I have tried to use WP Mail SMTP and still going to spam.
I have attached a screenshot of my DNS on Cloudflare. I hope someone can tell me what I need to do to correct this issue. I am using Bluehost as a provider.


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I’m surprised your email does anything at all. Any mail-related DNS records need to be set to :grey: DNS Only, such as mail, smtp, pop, and imap. (Cloudflare does not Proxy mail services unless you use Spectrum on an Enterprise plan)

Ok, thanks! So what do I change and how do I do it?

Click on the :orange:.

I see 9 Type A and 7 CNAME that are proxied. Also, I see MX with a triangle in orange to the right which I assume it not correct. Which do I click and what do I change when I do it. Please explain in detail as I am not a programmer.

Thanks in advance!

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