Emails stopped working after switching to Cloudflare DNS

Hello guys,

Couple of days ago I bought a pro plan from Cloudflare and adjusted DNS records for my domain as per instructions. After couple of hrs I noticed that my e-mail stopped working and when I checked, e-mail server name has been resolved incorrectly pointing to home page of a work in progress web site. I checked Cloudflare DNS record and adjusted the MX record to point to the right IP but nothing has changes after 24 hrs. I removed my domain completely from CloudFlare but still can’t get my e-mail working. Talked to my hosting company and they said I’ve been redirected to CloudFlare and need to chack my DNS records (but I don’t have an active domain anymore there). Any ideas how to fix this?



Hi @bozhidar,

If you have pointed the nameservers away from Cloudflare, it shouldn’t be an issue with the DNS config here. If you are using Cloudflare, you may want to start with Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare.

Hi @domjh,

Yes, I returned to the previous DNS’s but still from the hosting told me that everything is resolved by CloudFlare for some reason. I even removed the domain from my CloudFlare account but the problem still exist.
Thanks for your support. Really appreciate it.


If thr nameservers don’t point to Cloudflare, then nothing should be resolved by Cloudflare. If you can share the domain here, we can check

Actually, you paused cf on your domain and moved the nameservers away. To remove the domain from your account, select Remove Site from Cloudflare in the lower right corner of the overview app in the cloudflare dashboard, just below Enable Cloudflare on Site.

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