Emails send end up in recipients spam box

Since I add Cloudflare all my emails send ends up in recipients spam box

Hi @xxxfxtrader,

This should help, however it is generally unrelated to Cloudflare unless you haven’t copied across the required DNS records.

Hi @xxxfxtrader, as the account owner, only you have access to your DNS records, including the MX and SPF records and all other DNS records, Support does not. You add records on the DNS tab:
Screenshot from 2020-06-30 07-42-30

Next, did you follow the steps in the #Tutorials to troubleshoot why they’re going to spam? Good general mail #Tutorials here, Email Troubleshooting.

Thanks for the advice Cloonan

We have tried without any luck. I rather just change back to Bluehost where I hade no problems

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