Emails propagating for 5 days now and still do not work

Hi, i have tried contacting cloudflare but just keep getting automated bots

It has now been over 5 days since I began progating Emails to work. They still do not work accessing it from korea where i am based. i hear it should take no more than 24-48 hours but it looks incomplete. all emails connected with my website do not work

could i have help please?

That ‘mail’ “A” record needs to be set to :grey:.

Hi, thank you for the help. Is it correct like this?

seems to be giving me a warning not to have my A record set as DNS “This record exposes your origin IP. To fix this, change its proxy status”

i don’t fully understand a lot of the jargon but my emails still do not work. i checked the link and are still propagating and cannot log in

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The ‘mail’ subdomain responds to SMTP and POP mail requests, and probably IMAP as well. You should be able to send and receive email if you set your mail client to connect to the mail hostname. How do you know your mail isn’t working? Is there an error message?

That “origin IP” warning is because you have email and web on the same server. You can’t hide the web server IP address because it’s also the email server. But it’s better than nothing, and you don’t have a choice, given your current setup.


sorry for the delay. My email now works but some other issues now. i will make a new question if it is better

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