Emails on Iphone/Ipad stopped working since cloudflare connection

I am new to cloudflare and have just connected my domain. It is all working fine but emails have stopped working on my iPhone/Ipad. I get an error that the mail server has stopped responding. The emails are working fine on my desktop. According to a mail tester online tool my messages are not signed with a DKIM. I use emails associated with my domain. I have tried to follow the docs here but I cant find the solution. Any tips would be great. Thanks all

Likely you have proxied one or more subdomains used for email, which should be set to “DNS only”.

What is the domain name?

Do you use in your mail client to connect to your mail? If so, you need to go into your Cloudflare DNS and change the record for mail to “DNS only”.

my mx record in clourflare for is set to DNS only

The mail subdomain is still returning Cloudflare IP addresses. Is mail a CNAME to If it is, change mail to an A record set to “DNS only”.

(The MX record can only be “DNS only” and if that points to a proxied record, Cloudflare will work round it automatically so you won’t need to change the MX The MX deals with delivery of email to you, it doesn’t affect the clients you use to read or send email).

Firstly, sjr, I hadnt thanked you for your help. So, thanks very much. As you can see DNS management is not my forte, I was thinking you were talking about mt MX record which was DNS only. I now see I have an A record for ‘mail’. I have set that the DNS only and it is now working! Thank you so much.