Emails Not working since swithching nameservers to Cloudflare

Hi all,

I changed nameservers to Cloudflare a few days ago and my emails are now not working. The domain in question is registered with Crazydomains and hosted by Hostgator.

Can anyone advise in a not too technical way what i need to do in Cloudflare or Hostgator.

Any help would be much appreciated.


On the old set up with Hostgator, you need to confirm that the settings shown there are the the same that you have attached to your domain in you Cloudflare account.

Typically, you’re missing one or some MX record(s), or otherwise having incorrect MX records set.

Another example could be, if you have migrated your domain, where the your previous provider configured the MX record points to e.g. (under your own domain), you might now have set to Proxied (:orange:), which you would need to change to Unproxied / DNS-only (:grey:) in the domain’s DNS settings.

If the above doesn’t help you enough, can you by any chance share your actual domain name, including eventually the previous name servers it was tied to on Hostgator?

Thanks for the quick response. I changed from Proxied to DNS only and email is working again.

i do now have an orange warning box regarding the IP address now being exposed for this record but am guessing there isn’t much about that?

Lastly I also have the following message at the top: The number of lookups on your SPF record exceed the allowed limit of 10. This will result in emails failing SPF authentication.

Any ideas/suggestions would be great!

thanks again