Emails not working after changing to cloudflare nameservers


I am new to Cloudflare and I changed the domains nameservers to the ones Cloudflare said to change them to but now my emails are not working and the server keeps saying failed to connect to [Preformatted text](

I’m not 100% on DNS records but having a look at the Cloudflare DNS records, I added the ones in that was on the original host as I took screenshots as a backup to refer to.

I have attached a screenshot of the current DNS records on Cloudflare

Thank you in advance

Update: I got the emails working now after altering some DNS records, just took a while to update


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with receiving and/or sending e-mails while using Coudflare for your domain name.

Seems to me good now. However, I cannot find any SPF/DKIM record, if you have had them before, kindly double-check and re-add in the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

Just for the reference and double-check, usually, the MX record should point to a hostname such as mail , and the A (or CNAME ) type record for that hostname mail should be set to :grey: (DNS Only) at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

Furthermore, in your email client, you should use for POP3/IMAP/SMTP.

May I suggest checking below article if your e-mail records (usually the A mail and the MX record) are configured properly while you are using Cloudflare for your domain name:


Hi fritex

Thank you, for the reply, appreciate it.

I have added back in the SPF/DKIM records going by the screenshot of the DNS records on the original host, hopefully I have done it correctly.

I have attached the screenshot of the updated DNS records if ok to make sure it looks correct

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Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

Great! Looks good from now on.

I would also recommend looking into the below article for more information why they’re good to have due to further prevention of your e-mails being marked as a SPAM at the recipient’s side:

Nevertheless, using online tools on the links below you could test and troubleshoot more what is going on with your e-mails:

P.S. Due to the public posting and from the privacy/security concern, I would strongly recommended to edit your posts and replace the picture with the masked out/hidden IP address of the server, or just remove the screenshots.

Thank you

I did a test email from my yahoo email account to two different email addresses I have on [Preformatted text]( and one was ok but the other one sent to [email protected] went into the spam folder for some reason.

Would you know how to solve that issue please as thought the SPF or DKIM records would fix that issue

Did you sent from [email protected] email, or via your Yahoo e-mail interface but in the name of your domain [email protected]? :thinking:

I ask because, the Gmail and others also have a feature to receive and/or send e-mails from Gmail interface as [email protected], in case if it’s the valid email address and verified. I find that useful feature and knew to use this kind of option or kind of “forwarder” or a “copy” to have on other Gmail account. That’s why I ask.

I wonder if the Yahoo service, as Gmail or others, as they’ve got a lot of IPs, maybe one from which was sent out in the moment is listed on some blacklist or it’s reputation isn’t that good lately :thinking:

Otherwise, maybe due to the DNS propagation, we might have to wait for an hour or so ant retry again a bit later?

Or some kind of, why would your MTA put an email from [email protected] into the SPAM, might be due to the configuration settings, be it either on a your hosting server or in cPanel if using it, maybe SpamAssassin or some other feature which detects and protects your mailbox from spammy senders?

I sent it from my yahoo email address that is [email protected] and was sent via my email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) that I use to view the emails and send emails from.

I’ll wait and try it again later today just in case the DNS propagation has not fully completed as did say it can take up to 24 hours or possibly 48 or 72 hours.

Could be to do with the spam score set up within the original host, think I set a spam score in there so could be to do with that and thinking any emails from a yahoo email address could be spam

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