Emails not landing in gmail

Hi, I did go through the tutorial here and I believe I have things set up correctly.

We started using cloudflare on Friday to point to our new Kajabi website. Email is still delivering to our host’s webmail box but not delivering through gmail. We can send but not receive.

Here’s the screengrab of the DNS settings in cloudflare. The IP of our cpanel (which is what our host told us to point the A record to is the one that begins with 192. I am noticing these other A records pointing to MX, pop, smtp, etc. are pointing to an IP that starts with 66. Wondering if there is a conflict, although these are all records that existed before we moved to cloudflare.

What am I doing wrong? My hosting’s support was not helpful unfortunately. Thank you!

Hi @accessibleyoga,

Thanks for checking out the tutorial before posting!

This is good, and looks like it’s set up OK.

With the mail getting to Gmail, how are you doing this? Is it configured in cPanel to forward to Gmail, or is Gmail configured to get the mail from your server?

I think the most likely thing is that you have it configured in Gmail to get the mail from your server, but it’s trying to connect over a proxied hostname. What have you ser the server/hostname field to in Gmail? If it’s one of the pop or imap hostnames, that will need to be :grey:, or you will need to edit it to point to the mail hostname.

Hey, it’s now working all of a sudden, now that I posted this. Of course! Thank you for your help.

No problem, glad it’'s working! :slight_smile:

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