Emails not downloading

I recently upgraded my Office 365 Personal license to a Business license. Part of the process required me to update the MX records on Cloudflare. However, since doing that, I am unable to receive emails on my desktop app, but I can see new emails on the Outlook online webmail. Microsoft says it is an issue with the IMAP settings with the Domain host, the Domain host says it’s an issue with Microsoft.

Have you updated your domain’s DNS to reflect the new records pertaining to your new BUSINESS account?

If you have, then it seems something got lost in translation here.

If you’re Microsoft’s email service (and not your web/domain host’s email service), then what has this got to do with your web/domain host’s IMAP settings?

Perhaps the IMAP settings are different between the PERSONAL and BUSINESS plans. But that has to do with Microsoft 365 Business IMAP settings and nothing to do with your web/domain host.

Can you share your domain name so we can take a look at the DNS records?

If you can’t share your domain publicly, then I’ll recommend you request that your Microsoft ticket be escalated.

Thank you for the suggestion George. It been frustrating to say the least, MS says its the Domain and the Domain host says its MS

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