Emails not accessable although the domain is proxied

Hello, we’re on SiteGround, they’re using Google infrastructure, Google banned some countries from reaching their services, thus, our clients on those countries were unable to access our website.

Siteground suggested Cloudflare CDN to avoid the ban, it worked for the website but not for the email accounts.

The website is accessible now, but the Webmail refuses to login, and the mail clients (we tried many) refuses to connect too, although the mailbox is on the same server and with the same domain, and Cloudflare shows that it’s proxied already.

We tried using a VPN, and the emails have been accessed successfully.

What could be the solution for this issue?
The domain i’m referring to in this case is: tasharouk DOT org


I tried accessing your webmail and it works for me (my country) and from my end :thinking:

Have you tried reaching out to Google in that case, or rather if it’s a SiteGround service hosted on Google Platform, then it’s SG to question this? :thinking:

Maybe you’ve got the e-mail related DNS records misconfigured as they shouldn’t be proxied at all.

By looking up your DNS records, I can see you’re using Cloudfalre E-mail routing service too. Is this correct? :thinking:

Your A mail hostname is proxied :orange:, while it should be unproxied and set to :grey: (DNS-only) if you’re using this hostname to receive/send out e-mails.

Kindly, see my post here which might help you a bit:

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