Emails have been Propagating for over 6 Days, Still not working

Hi, sorry for the repost but while trying to edit my post to remove my IP address from the attached photo. I was told question got flagged.

As it is not resolved yet, I would appreciate help still. You mentioned I should change my A record to a gray cloud, is it correct like this?

seems to be giving me a warning not to have my A record set as DNS “This record exposes your origin IP. To fix this, change its proxy status”

i don’t fully understand a lot of the jargon but my emails still do not work. i checked the link and are still propagating and cannot log in

That should help, but not really as Cloudflare fixes automatically that error for the MX record. The issue is that you have NS records at the root, delegating all records to external sources instead of Cloudflare, changes on here won’t be reflected. If you don’t use them (I presume you don’t) delete the two NS records within the Cloudflare dashboard.

thank you for the reply.

it would not cause any issues if i delete the 2 NS records there?

my hosting is with justhost if itt makes a difference (it says ehost as that is what it was when i began but justhost took over when they went defunct)

after the NS is deleted, emails should work?

I presume those were the two you had on the registrar prior to switching to Cloudflare (the ones you substituted with the * given to you?

i think so. i did not make any changes to it since i signed up

But what doesn’t work? What error is given? Trouble for incoming or outgoing emails?

ah thank you. it seems like it works now! thank you so much.

But one last thing. it says
A record set as DNS “This record exposes your origin IP. To fix this, change its proxy status”

I assume that means it is not protected. Is it not possible to have it protected and work?

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