Emails going to spam with cloudflare activated

Hi, I have my domain with reg123, hosting and emails with cloudways and had cloudflare enabled with my nameserves pointing to it… but ALL my order confirmation and contact form emails were going into customers spam and admin emails from my own website were going into my spam.

To fix the email problem 123reg said I had to point the nameserves to them, but then this deactivates cloudflare all together… So this was not helpful.

My email/web hosts cloudways said in the first scenario described above maybe Cloudflare IP might have got black-listed & re-routing causing the emails to go into spam. If anyone can help advice on how I can use cloudflare and have my emails not go into spam that’d be much appreciated

thanks in advance


Hi @alexliepman,

Here’s a tutorial on that:

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so their IP shouldn’t affect your email delivery.

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