Emails Going to Junk/Spam Mailbox

I use Sendgrid’s API to send email notifications from my application. I noticed that emails starting going the the junk and spam folder as soon as I enabled the Cloudflare CDN/proxy.

Cloudflare hosts the DNS but the proxy was never turned on for until recently to boost security. Once turned on, everything was fine until emails starting going to the spam/junk folder.

I’ve tried a number of the solutions here on Cloudflare before creating this topic. My most recent attempt was following the instructions here: Search this in community (Email marked as spam folder)

When I checked my headers, all of them says ‘pass’. Emails are still going to junk mail.

This is what the current record setup looks like: (protocol) snipboard (dot) io (forwardslash) owBCZg (dot) jpg - See if you can piece this together

Not sure if by not setting up the ‘Recommended steps to complete zone set-up’ at the top of the DNS Records screen is causing this. I set them up and it didn’t work.

Appreciate the help.

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