Emails from website contact not delivered after migration to Cloudways from Siteground

Unfortunately the emails sent via the website’s contact form are not reaching my inbox anymore.

My emails are handled by my domain provider (United Domains and the corresponding DNS via Cloudflare). It all worked nicely until I’ve migrated from Siteground to Cloudways last week… So, settings must have been right at some point.

I was of the opinion, that the MX settings all remain the same. I’ve adapted the IP address in the DNS settings accordingly.

It’s really frustrating as clients cannot reach me anymore… Any thoughts or prior experience here? Thanks a lot in advance!


And thanks for this super-fast reaction! Screenshot attached. Domain:

I’ve watched the video and can confrim, I’ve double-checked all settings. And: I’ve not changed the domain - I’ve just migrated from Siteground to Cloudways! My email remained with United

After all, until last week (before the migration) the settings here with Cloudflare worked nicely. BEFORE the migration there was no problem with receiving the emails via the website’s contact form (direct emails to the domains’ email-address keep coming in).

Cloudways said something about SMTP settings maybe… And last: I’m not 100% sure your last point (#5) could not be an issue…?

Thanks a lot

It’s possible you’re missing a DNS entry…OR your website is configured to send email through your hostname, which is :orange: Proxied.

You should use a plugin like the one below to direct your website’s outbound email:

OK, thank you. But if the website was configured to send email through your hostname, then I would have had the same problem with Siteground in the past, right?

Which DNS entry could that be?

And if I stopped using Cloudflare for the time being, would that help?

Only if you told Siteground to use Cloudflare for your site.

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