Emails from "Kevin Chen" in Chinese - legitimate?

I have a number of Cloudflare accounts, and recently some of them began receiving emails from “Kevin Chen” ( kchen @ ), in Chinese. Some of these emails are replies to previous emails.

The unsubscribe link uses a 3rd party “orlima .com” which is using AWS - a bit suspect?

Are these legitimate emails? There’s no way that anyone other than CF would know the account email addresses.

Yea, got a lot of email from that mail, and i can’t unsubscribe it

Sorry for the issue here, we are investigating. Was there any opt out option included with the email @viettdann?

I’ve click opt-out everytime i got that mail, and still still received that unwanted mail

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There is a tiny unsub link, as mentioned in my OP, which links to orlima .com

When I’ve clicked it, the server response is json:

{“message”:“Invalid Signature”}