Emails down after issuing client certificate

Received a pop-up on my Outlook saying that the security certificate of the server we are connected to cannot be verified. I went into Cloudflare and ticked the SSL/TLS Recommender. I also ticked the Always HTTPS under the edge certificate tab and also added two client certificates for the two email addresses that were experiencing the issue with the unverifiable certificate. For a moment one of the emails did not throw out the pop-up again, but the one other still did. Now my emails cannot sync to the server and no emails are coming in or going out - note that I have not changed anything DNS-wise. Can someone please assist?


Cloudflare does not handle emails, so any records need to be :grey:. Additionally, you can’t use Origin certificates either, because they are only for web related records. Should you be using one, then replace this with a publicly trusted certificate.

Sandro, thank you for your assistance. How do I add a publicly trusted certificate and how can I check what might have caused the error to sync my emails on the domain on my outlook to the Cloudflare server?

I am afraid that is beyond the scope of the forum, as that wouldn’t be Cloudflare related.

I’d recommend to check out StackExchange or Reddit and also contact your mail provider for more details.

Just make sure your email records on Cloudflare are set to :grey:.

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