Emails do not work

i created a new CNAME for my new subdomain and after this something got broken and email does not work any more.
I deleted CNAME wich i created, and still does not work. Please check my settings what am I doing wrong? I did not touch anything, just created CNAME and deleted it after. All the rest staied the same, but Email does not work.
I am not sure if alerts and MX warning were there already before.

Best regards

The DNS entries for mail, imap, pop, smtp and ftp should all be :grey:, as Cloudflare will not proxy non-http traffic (for most situations).

If you are hosting email and your webserver on the same server then the last error was always there. So long as you have email and webserver running on the same IP address this warning cannot be avoided.

Thank you very much, Michael!!! It really helped!!! Now Email works!!!
I changed all the CNAMEs which you wrote to grey + a record “mail” also to grey.

I have 2 more questions, small :slight_smile:

  1. are warnings which are left ok? or do i need to correct something else?

  2. i created Subdomain with the name “login” and defined ip for him ( Should it be grey (DNS only) or proxied? Is it correct to define a record for subdomain?


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