Emails blocklisted on UCEPROTECTL2 and UCEPROTECTL3

The Cloudflare ip assinged to my domain is being blocklisted on UCEPROTECTL2 and UCEPROTECTL3 sites which is affecting my outgoing mails not being delivered.

Please Advice

Cloudflare’s IP addresses do not have anything to do with your outbound mail.

However, your site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare anyway, meaning you have no Cloudflare IP. It is your host that is blocklisted.


This is the problem happening right now. No hotmail is going out.

If you are unhappy with your hosting provider’s email service, you should either complain to them or purchase email services from a different provider.

I am simply looking for a solution to the problem.
So from what you are saying in this case the problem of the emails lies with Bluehost right?

I am new to this, that is why I am asking more carefully.

Yes, that is correct.


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