Emails blocked since Cloudflare firewall applied

Since we made the move to use Cloudflare for the firewall, my client is not receiving any Magento system-generated emails (such as order confirmation emails) that route via MailGun. Mailgun shows emails as being accepted & delivered so Cloudflare is presumably blocking them at this point. Any help is gratefully appreciated.

Make sure any email related subdomains (such as mail, mx, smtp, imap, etc) are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

You can give the domain if unsure.

Thanks for the help, but that isn’t the issue as they are all set to DNS only… :frowning:

What is the domain?


Are these emails coming out from your server? Or are they coming from an outside provider to your email address?

You don’t have any SPF or DMARC records so that may affect mail delivery depending on which way your mail is going.

You should add them anyway otherwise you are going to get delivery issues to certain mail servers in time anyway. See guide here…

Thanks so much for your continued help, am looking into what you’ve suggested - In the meantime though, are you able to compare these settings with those of a different domain, which is the client’s sister website that also uses Cloudflare firewall please?


This email address associated with this second site IS receiving order confirmations from the first website ( once we added its email address in the Magento email notification settings. All admin settings for both sites are identical, so issue lies elsewhere presumably!

Thanks again in advance!

That domain does have an SPF record, but no DMARC record…

I see that, presumably that difference could explain one receiving the emails and one not?

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