Emails are not Sync on ThunderBird


I just moved my website to Cloudflare. Everything is working fine only the mails are not synced on ThunderBird.

Here is the screenshot of my DNS:

What info do you get from that little error triangle icon?


this record expose your origin IP

I think you probably only need to disable the proxying (orange cloud) in the mail CNAME record.

As you can see from the link I posted earlier the MX records are not pointing to

Like this ?


Also, is your mail server and your hosting server the same? Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that your MX records are pointing to a subdomain of your hosting server.

For example, I use a mail server from PrivateEmail and this is how MX records are configured:

yes , mail and hosting are same

So… did it work?

Thats the reason you should never set WebHosting and MailHosting on the same Server because MailHosting would expose the origin IP.
Maybe in the future you want to host your Mails on a different Server even outsource it to G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365 or any other Mail-Cloud Service?

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