Emails are not forwarding to any Gmail email accounts

Thanks for your response.
Does all the above recommendation have to be done from Cloudflare or Bluehost?

Here is also the return message I get after I sent my test email:

Here is also what I got from IntoDNS:

Here is my DNS settings for BlueHost:

Here are my settings for Cloudflare:

Thanks for providing all the information above, once you have all the details in your hands, it does indeed makes it easier to help / suggest what to do!

  1. Disable the Proxy status for the A record named server, making it become Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.
    → Record #2 from your Cloudflare screenshot above.

  2. Disable the Proxy status for the A record named mail, making it become Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.
    → Record #5 from your Cloudflare screenshot above.

  3. Contact Bluehost, and ask them to change the Reverse DNS (PTR) record for that IP address to become either “” or “

Once all the changes have been successfully coordinated, it could take a while (e.g. expect minimum 24-48 hours) where the issues may still appear due to DNS caches (and local ISP policies) here and there.

But once the changes mentioned has been made, things should start (even if slowly) to become successful again, if they were before.

Since your domain is now connected (with it’s name servers) to Cloudflare, it would be through Cloudflare you should make the above mentioned changes.

#3 from this specific post, about contacting Bluehost about the Revere DNS (PTR) record will the only one that requires Bluehost’s attention.

If you get all that successfully effectuated, you can both use Cloudflare (with Proxied (:orange:) records on your apex / “naked” domain, as well as the www), without it should interfere with your mail traffic in any way, under the condition you keep the Proxy status of the other records mentioned above set to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

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Is this correct?

Do I still need to do this part?:

  1. Remove the “+a +mx ” part from the TXT record with the name , that starts with “v=spf1 ”, and preferably, change the ending from “~all ” to “-all ”.

That part is correct, yes.

That would be my recommendation.

a” is literally authorizing Cloudflare’s HTTP Proxies to send mail on behalf of your domain, since the apex / “naked” domain is Proxied (:orange:).

mx” is literally saying “look up the MX record, then look up the A record”, which will literally point to the highlighted IP address in your screenshot.

Since you already have that highlighted IP address listed with the “ip4:…” mechanism, any sane SPF validators should complain about your domain, for having authorized the exact same IP address multiple times.

As for the “~all” versus “-all” part, that would also be what I would recommend.

The SPF record would, as always, need to be adjusted if you either add or remove email providers, which need to send emails on behalf of your domain.

So I will replace this:
v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx ~all

To this:
v=spf1 ip4: -all


Yes, that is correct.

Note: The Bluehost (#3 above, re. Reverse DNS (PTR)) still does not appear to have been adjusted.

Hi, I am still having issues with my emails not reaching Gmail email accounts.
Is this a “Reverse DNS” issue?
Here are my DNS settings at this time:

Actually, I just want to use Cloudflare CDN services ONLY.
Can I just stop my domain pointing to Cloudflare and just use Cloudflare API token instead for my Wordpress website?
It seems to be to troublesome to make this work the way it is setup right now.

I used to just do that for Stackpath. I just used a plugin is Wordpress to connect my website to Stackpath CDN services.


Same as there.

If you stop pointing the domain towards Cloudflare, you won’t get any Cloudflare benefits.

Same would apply for Stackpath, or any other CDN provider out there.

The issue is that you have records using the exact same label that you attempt to use for multiple different things, at the same time, in the current state.

That won’t work, and you would have the exact same problem, if you pointed the domain towards Stackpath, or any other CDN provider.

That is why I said above, that you should get the Reverse DNS (PTR) changed to a sub-domain.

As mentioned above:

This one is STILL missing:

Once that has been successfully coordinated, the conflict about the Reverse DNS (PTR) record would be gone, after a little while, as mentioned above.

I contacted Bluhost and they are doing it right now: " change the Reverse DNS (PTR) record for that IP address to become either “"

After this, do I need to change/add/remove anything in Cloudflare DNS settings?

Is this one wrong? Bluehost tech are the one who told me to add this in my Cloudflare DNS settings.
Is it wrong? Should I change this? I actually lost the previous code. Can you provide it for me?

Do I need to add this?