Emails are not being sent to my server

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Describe the issue you are having: I set up cloudflare and it seems my dns records did not get set up automatically and now when i send an email to [email protected] or orders@ nothing arrives.

I dont know a lot about dns records and need to see how I can get my emails to arrive

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You appear to have enabled Cloudflare Email Routing. If you have domain email running on a mailserver somewhere, you do not want to use that email forwarding service. You will need to disable it so that you can add the MX records supplied by your email provider.

Dont forget to publish yout DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records, too.

Whenever I’ve used cloudflare before and added a website, cloudflare does all the dns records automatically. I still cant get emails. They land in my webmail for the site, but they don’t forward even though the forwarders are set up.

They were working fine until I added cloudflare and I cant get any help from my hosting company or cloudflare. Do you know anyone at clouflare who can fix it because I dont understand how to text or fix it. Thanks

I see that you have successfully removed Cloudflare Email Routing and updated your MX records.

Depending on how you use your mail hostname, you may want to switch it to :grey: DNS Only.

Can you describe your current trouble in more detail?

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