Emails are bounding back as SPF records need adjusting

I am getting emails bounding back from the other person’s email provider with the message saying the SPF records need to be updated or adjusted. How is this done through Cloudflare?

You can manage your DNS records as described in the documentation if you click at this link and select your domain:

As for what to enter, you need to find the correct SPF settings from your email provider.

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To learn more, see the following Cloudflare blog post.

What is a DNS SPF record

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Thanks Eric.
I’m getting this message below when trying to send an email to certain people. I’m not sure what is needed as Cloudflare doesn’t offer support on this so I need to do it manually myself if I understand what to do.

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As @Laudian shared, you need to check with your domain email provider, be that Google, Microsoft, a hosting company, or whomever, and see what you need to put in your SPF record. This is something that your business IT service provider can easily take care of for you if you have one.

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