Emailing not working as it was!


Emails were working until now. Might have the Settings all wrong. I can send it seems but not to receive.

Does this look all set up and right! also what I’m missing

It looks pretty good. But you have an MX record that points to a non-existent hostname (server). You can probably get rid of that one.

Your ‘webmail’ hostname can be set to :orange: since that’s HTTP/S only (web page).

For receiving, are you using ‘webmail’ to check? Does mail bounce when someone tries to send to you?

Using classic pop3 on secured connection setup on Gmail. Seems that I’m getting emails but they are delayed. Also think not all emails are coming though, same are some not.

Any other DNS options should be added that helps when email doesn’t go to spam and seems to template 404 missing icons

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