eMail Zone Deleted, Dashboard Seems OK

I’m using CNAME with Cloudflare nameservers, not sure what other background info might be helpful/relevant here. I received an email that my domain has been deleted in the subject, and in the message it says:

The zone: “myxyz.tld” in account: “Myaccount” was deleted by Cloudflare on 2022-11-23T17:09:09.135993Z.

When I log into my Cloudflare account, I don’t see any error message or any message of ANY problem, looks normal as far as I can tell.

I also followed the 3 steps given in the email to find the source of the problem, and I could not identify anything, although I am a relative novice, I might be missing something (like reading the audit log for who may have deleted it, I couldn’t find any “delete action”, but not exactly sure I know to read it), and don’t seem to be any CNAME issues.

My first thought is that this issue resolved itself after the email was sent, or shouldn’t I see some kind of notification of an issue in my account dashboard if there is a current problem?

To clarify the title of my original post, I RECEIVED an email that Zone Deleted (not an “email zone”)

did you resolve this?