Email wrt violation of rule 2.8

Sorry for my bad english…

I got an email about my violation of rule 2.8.
I think this is wrong.
I did not cache any mp4 videos.
Why might I have experienced this problem?

I have bot to play videos.
I host the videos on my own server.
Rule 2.8 violated domain is only the domain of the bot where my player is installed.
In short, I have no chance to cache video.

It is not about caching, it is about proxying them. If you host lots of videos you either serve them through an unproxied record or sign up for Cloudflare’s Stream service.

This is the domain of my jw player.
I play from my own server I don’t need streaming service.
There are about 6,000 videos. What should I do in this situation? can you help me?

Last Edit:
The same as me being used in the same way, they do not have such a problem. Where can I wrong?

Exactly what I already mentioned here.

You should have received an email from Cloudflare, so it will be best to discuss it with them, but you’ll have aforementioned two possibilities.

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