Email works in webmail, but not Gmail

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It doesn’t work for me. I deleted CNAME record and added A record instead of it. Then, set DNS only. However, it doesn’t work for me. My issue is exactly same with llc.trader. I have my email provider. I use Gmail for control my email. The emails works on my webmail. However, it doesn’t work on Gmail.

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If it works in webmail, it probably means that Gmail is trying to retrieve the mail on a :orange: hostname. Make sure that the server name you specify in Gmail is the one you set to :grey:. So something like rather than

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I think I found the reason. But I don’t know the solution. My domain is My SSL/TLS mail server address is as well. I think this cause some conflict. My non-secure mail server is After I changed the MX record as and changed the settings on Gmail it worked.

On the other hand, I want to use secure connection for my emails. How can I fix the issue?

You can find my DNS records below. These settings work for non-secure connection but doesn’t work for secure connection.

What should I do?

When it’s set to :grey:, it is going directly to your server and Cloudflare is not involved. Any security will need to be set up there and should be the same as before you started using Cloudflare.

If I get it correctly we add A record(for mail) because our MX record contains subdomain, right? What if our MX record exactly same with domain( Should I add A record(for mail)? or what should I do?

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And also SMTP still doesn’t work on Gmail. The above settings fixed issue for non secure pop3 connection. However, it didn’t work for SMTP connection on Gmail.

Your MX record needs to point to a :grey: hostname, so if you just point the MX record to your domain name, that would need to be unproxied and your website would not get Cloudflare’s benefits.

When it is pointing to an unproxied hostname, any issues come directly from your server and will need to be fixed there.

When I paused Cloudflare there is no issue on my emails. So, the reason should be configuration on Cloudflare, right?

My mail server domain is exactly same with my domain name. What should I do? Is there any way to use Cloudflare without change mail server?

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That’s not going to work. All mail connections have to go to Your host should be able to secure that hostname. I do this with cPanel, and AutoSSL lets me do this, even on my Cloudflare domains (as long as the hostname is set to :grey:).


Thank you so much @domjh and @sdayman. I should try to solve the issue via my hosting provider. Thank you anyway especially for quick replies :pray: :blush:

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