Email workers

I’ve recently got access to email workers. Firstly, I want to thank you all for building this. It’s a great feature with limitless potentials.

What is easy:
free gmail account and domain, simply one email like [email protected] goes to custom gmail account like [email protected]

in gmail - i setup a bonuce - ‘out of office message’ - as this is raley used email and i whould like to say ‘thanks for your email, got it, please be patienct to wait for my reply’

so i setuop and google bonuces mail nicely,

but in the email routing i see:



[email protected]

[email protected]

3 hours ago


SPF status


DMARC status


DKIM status


Bounce message:

Recepipt / oout-of offiec RE: orginal subject

So i figure out - i need a worker that passes every bonuce - seeing only “to:[email protected]” ?

or - is there a way to do it without a worker?