Email Workers: account-matching email address verification not working

Hey there, email verification is not working if I use the email address associated with the Cloudflare account. It doesn’t send the verification email, it shows verified, but it throws error in the worker:

  "outcome": "exception",
  "scriptVersion": {
    "id": "16d718f3-d126-4118-ab6a-57c25bca8ac8"
  "scriptName": "email-forwarding",
  "diagnosticsChannelEvents": [],
  "exceptions": [
      "stack": "    at async forward (index.js:22:9)\n    at async (index.js:30:5)",
      "name": "Error",
      "message": "destination address not verified",
      "timestamp": 1717439353862
  "logs": [],
  "eventTimestamp": 1717439353845,
  "event": {
    "rawSize": 5810,
    "rcptTo": "*@*.*",
    "mailFrom": "*@*.*"
  "id": 0

Hi there,

Checking your worker and the destination emails, they all seem to be verified, but I wonder if the fact they are from different zones might interfere.

My suggestion is that instead of relying on a single worker to do email routing for the 3 zones, you try and create a worker per zone. This way it might be easier to pinpoint the issue if only one of them fails.

Take care.

Hi, thanks, I had to change the address to +something to make it work. I can try adding the account email address to the same worker and send some message if it helps you to debug. I was able to replicate it multiple times and I don’t think it is related to the worker being used in 3 different zones. Other addresses work just fine.