Email worker (free) reliability?

That’s strange, I have a worker that forwards without any issues.

If it is consistent enough, can you tail your worker, send an email, and then see the error?

To Tail your worker, you can use wrangler tail or go to the worker in the dashboard, and then Logs → Start Log Stream, then send an email. It should show the failure and you can expand it to see the error.

Otherwise, you may want to use something else to log the failure, a third party solution like Sentry or Honeycomb, or Workers Trace Events logpush (if on Workers Paid), so you can see the exact error.

It may be that the destination address you are forwarding to is rejecting the mail. If it’s something like gmail that is out of your control/filters on its own, that may be the case.

Other things that could cause that:
The destination addresses you are forwarding to from your worker must be verified, just like normal email routing destinations. If you are conditionally forwarding to different destinations, make sure all of them are added/verified under Destination Addresses in the Email routing tab.

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