Email won't deliver to yahoo accounts

I have set up the email for my new domain to forward to my existing business email, but emails routed to yahoo addresses are not being received.

How do I add the SPF / DKIM record to get through to yahoo?

  1. What domain?
  1. What exact error code(s)/message(s) do you see?

If we’re talking about Cloudflare Email Routing, there is no DKIM to add, as that is (should be!) handled by the original sender of the message.

The SPF for Cloudflare Email Routing should be added automatically up on activating the Email Routing.

Even with a perfect DKIM, SPF and DMARC set up from the original sender, you’re not guaranteed to get through in any way.

Forwarding has for many years been a hit and miss, and if you care for your email deliveries, forwarding isn’t really an option, unless you control the final destination.

The free consumer (Google Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo, … et al) addresses are very strict with what they want to receive and come with no options for exceptions.



I’m able to forward to a gmail account so we have a workaround.


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