Email with google domain are blocked error message

i have busieness email with google domain. when i send emails they are blocked . i tryed to understand the error message i had

error message: Decision domain owner discourages use of this host
Record v=spf1 ~all

Can you provide any more information? Are you using Google Workspace? Cloudflare Email Routing? What exactly is the setup you’re trying to accomplish?

You may need to add Google to your SPF record: Add your SPF record at your domain provider - Google Workspace Admin Help


on Cloudflare they give me to add the pic on the top. i did that but waiting for 48 h to make try.

i am using google workspace

that SPF record means only Cloudflare is allowed to send e-mails on behalf of your domain

if you want some other service to be allowed to send e-mails on behalf of your domain, you’ll need to add them in to your SPF record

make sure you only have a single SPF record, but there can be multiple include: statements referencing different services

in fact if you’re not using Cloudflare’s e-mail forwarding service there’s no reason to include Cloudflare in your SPF record at all

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cherryjimbo, thank you i will try and see. give you feedback soon




i checked after 72h i did change in DNS record but I still have my business mails blocked


Please review the previous messages in this thread. Your SPF record as it currently exists is saying that only Cloudflare can send email from your domain. It sounds like this really isn’t what you want, and you want to be able to send mail from your Google Workspace.

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